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About Us

JP Auction Serviceis the fulfillment of a childhood dream for John Petroelje. An agricultural up-bringing provided the basis for John’s strong work ethic but it also exposed him to the country auction as a boy. For him an auction was a special time with his dad, maybe a snack from the food table, and a chance to listen to the auctioneer’s fascinating chant. These special times ignited a desire in him to be an auctioneer.

Positive fuel was added to that flame of desire when he attended Reppert School of Auctioneering in December of 1982, to learn the business side of the auction industry. He needed little schooling in developing his chant for he had spent many hours “selling” hay bales as they came out of the baler, while helping his dad bale hay.

John booked his first auction the spring of 1983 and since then the company has grown from a part time hobby into a full time occupation. Over the years the company has expanded their expertise to include the sale of real estate and appraisal work. The growth of the company is due to the integrity, honesty and hard work of all involved along with the many satisfied clients that have promoted JP Auction Service over the years.

A successful Auction company needs more than just a great auctioneer and JP Auction Service is rounded out and perfected with the involvement of many family members. John’s wife, Brenda is the cashier and book keeper. She attended Davenport College studying Accounting and Data Processing, worked at Ottawa Savings Bank, and kept the books for her dad’s tool & die business. These combined prepared her well for the job of cashier and book keeper for the auction business. She became a realtor after their children grew up to be able to help with real estate auction also.  Jack Koeman, the clerk, is really “Uncle Jack” to John. Jack was a teacher in Christian Education for 41 years, teaching Math, Social Studies and Bible. But his first love is math that alone would make him a great clerk, add his photographic memory, unwavering integrity, and tremendous loyalty and you have an outstanding clerk. There have been very few auctions conducted by John that his parents have not been there, not just observing but also helping each in their own way. John’s mother, Connie, assists Brenda with registration and cashiering. She can make anyone feel welcome with her natural talent of hospitality. Jut, John’s dad has many jobs, from pulling trailers, moving sale items, delivering items for the buyers and giving direction. These along with his natural gift of conversation make him a real asset to JP Auction Service.  But sadly Jut has now passed away and Connie only helps occasionally.  Zach, John & Brenda’s son,  started out at a young age running clerking sheet, from the clerk to the cashier, as he grew he became a ring man, and was even  pushed into auctioneering on a few occasions, he now is serving our country in the United States Air Force along with is wife, Chelsea & his daughter Haisley. April & Amber, twin daughters of John & Brenda, started out run clerking sheets, then they  took over running the lunch counter and helped with registration, cashiering, and ringing. Now April is a Massage Therapist and Amber is a world traveler while working on working on a large yacht.   Their youngest daughter, Heather, still occasionally will be seen running clerking sheet. John has many other employees that include his brother Dan, an insurance salesman for Lighthouse Insurance, brother-in-laws, cousins, nephews and friends.